Droneshield Products



The DroneGun Mk3 is a compact, lightweight UAS countermeasure solution designed for one hand operation. The product features a robust compact pistol shaped design with a control panel user interface, allowing operators to select and engage RF disruption frequency modes. The device provides a safe passive countermeasure against a wide range of UAS models.

Wearable AI-Enabled Multi-Mission Detection Tool – See Without Being Seen

RfPatrol is a highly versatile, completely passive/non-emitting wearable UAS detection device. The device offers the user real situational awareness without distraction or complex operation. It has been designed to be highly effective for a variety of operators in a range of demanding environments. The RfPatrol device automatically detects drones moving at any speed.

Long Range, Highly Effective Countermeasure

The DroneGun Tactical is a highly effective UAS countermeasure designed for two hand operation and long range defeat. The product includes high performance directional antennas in a lightweight robust rifle style design; featuring an intuitive control panel user interface to select and engage the range of jamming frequencies for target defeat. The DroneGun Tactical provides a safe countermeasure against a wide range of UAS threats (e.g. drones), with no damage to common UAS models or surrounding environment.

Handheld, Compact Countermeasure

The DroneGun Mk4 is a rugged, handheld cUAS effector providing users with a compact, rapid response countermeasure capability. The device maintains the versatility of its predecessor, while hosting improved performance, ingress protection and serviceability.

The DroneGun Mk4 is highly effective against a wide range of UAS types and models. The DroneGun Mk4 can disrupt the control, navigation and video of multiple drones simultaneously.

Vehicle, Ship and Fixed Site C-UAS Detect-and-Defeat

DroneSentry-X is a cross-vehicle compatible, automated 360° detect and defeat device. It provides 360° awareness and protection using integrated sensors to detect and disrupt UAS moving at any speed – suitable for mobile operations, on site surveillance and on the move missions.

The robust compact unit can be mounted to standard vehicle roof racks or other fixed applications on a mast or tower. Alternatively it can be deployed at a fixed site or as a temporary pop-up solution, with on site or remote operator access.

Passive, Long Range Detection – See Without Being Seen

RfOne Mk2 is a completely passive/non-emitting stationary or vehicle based RF detection product, delivering long range and highly accurate drone detection and tracking capabilities. RfOne utilises the DroneShield proprietary detection database, with subscription based updates to keep up to date with the rapidly changing drone market. Deploying multiple RfOne sensors across different installations enables triangulation to accurately position a drone threat on the map. Four RfOne sensors are required for 360° coverage.

RfOne is the ideal detection solution for large sites that require early detection and direction finding to a drone.

Long Range, Highly Effective Countermeasure

The DroneCannon Mk2 is DroneShield’s next generation fixed site countermeasure with improved disruption capabilities, size and durability. The device offers non-lethal and non-kinetic countermeasures, forcing UAS to either ground at the point of disruptions or return-to-home. The DroneCannon is also effective against swarm attacks and can counter numerous UAS within range.

Mobile / Rapid Deploy Drone Detection, Identification & Defeat Platform

DroneSentry-X Mk2 is a software-defined detection and adaptive disruption system. The DroneSentry-X Mk2 is suitable for mobile operations, field expedient pop-up, and fixed-site protection. It is a cost-effective solution with both detect and optional defeat capability within a single self-contained platform.



Command and Control Platform – On-Prem or Cloud Based

DroneSentry-C2 Command-and-Control (C2) provides an intuitive and feature-rich software platform, providing counter-UAS awareness and reporting capability. It integrates both DroneShield and third-party C-UAS sensors and effectors.


AI-Powered Optical Detection, Identification and Tracking Software

DroneOptID software offers the latest in Computer Vision technology to detect, identify and track drone targets in real time. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) model has been developed specifically for drone detection and works seamlessly with DroneShield’s range of best in class drone detection and countermeasure devices.


System Components

HD PTZ Cameras

DroneOpt is an exceptionally rugged, high definition PTZ camera for Electro-Optical (EO) verification. The camera is seamlessly integrated in DroneSentry-C2


3D Detection

Radars provide precision and ultra-high confidence threat detection and tracks, even in cluttered environment. Radars are used for field-of-view and real beam scanning for 3D detection across a location. DroneShield integrates Radars into it’s DroneSentry-C2 Command and Control platform for coverage display, configuration and activation for deployments and installations.

Intelligent Edge Processor

SmartHub Mk2 is a multi-sensor fusion network device that enables multiple DroneShield sensors and countermeasures to be seamlessly networked together. The SmartHub acts as a data gateway and pre-processor, optimizing large amounts of data for complex and comprehensive sites. Each SmartHub provides consistent connectivity from a range of power and data sources, built to withstand harsh environmental conditions. The device allows end users to take advantage of DroneShield multi-sensor technologies, such as radars, cameras and countermeasures.integrates both DroneShield and third-party C-UAS sensors and effectors.


Rapid Deployable 3D Radar Detection