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Harris Falcon III Product Family

Tactical Communications

Transforming HF Communications for the Tactical Edge
The L3Harris RF-7800H-MP is the smallest, lightest and fastest Type 3 wideband HF manpack available today. With expanded data capabilities for long-range, Beyond-Line-Of-Sight environments, it provides continuous coverage on the power of a single battery.


The L3Harris RF-7850M delivers the power and performance of a manpack in a ruggedized, SWaP-friendly handheld radio.
It provides continuous coverage from 30 to 512 MHz, with up to 10 watts of output power—well-suited for both long-range inter-squad and ground-to-air tactical communications. It is equipped with enhanced wideband and narrowband capabilities, and a future-proof architecture that accommodates changing mission needs and emerging waveforms.


The Falcon III® RF-7800V-HH VHF Combat Net Radio offers simultaneous voice and data with high speeds and extended transmission ranges—capabilities typically found in a manpack—but in a compact handheld form.

This solution is equipped with the L3Harris narrowband TDMA Networking Waveform, which allows up to 64 users on a mobile ad-hoc net to share real-time Situational Awareness.


The L3Harris Falcon III RF-7850S is the most advanced secure personal radio system available today, providing full communications capabilities for the warfighters at the team, squad and platoon levels.

Equipped with the L3Harris Soldier-TDMA Networking Waveform (S-TNW), it allows for both wideband and narrowband operation and meets specific needs of soldier-level communications with multiple talk groups, ad-hoc mesh networking and multi-hop forwarding.


The L3Harris RF-7800W High-Capacity Line-of-Sight (HCLOS) Radio provides quick-to-deploy, long-range wireless broadband connectivity for military and commercial applications. With advanced waveform capability and MIMO technology that minimizes errors and optimizes speed, the Multimission Radio delivers high throughput data in both Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint applications.


Built on trusted Falcon III technology, the L3Harris Multi-channel Airborne Networking Radio is the world’s first airborne-certified, two-channel networking radio.

The RF-7850A-MR extends advanced ground tactical capabilities to the aerial tier—with simultaneous mission-critical voice, high-speed IP-networked data and Full Motion Video (FMV). This airborne solution combines legacy interoperability with next-generation functionality and is the logical choice for airborne VHF/UHF communications.


The L3Harris RF-7850A-UA Unmanned Aircraft Networking Radio leverages battle-tested Falcon® technology to deliver the world’s first wideband-capable airborne radio for UAV deployment.

With its minimal SWaP profile, this single-channel airborne solution acts as an advantage node to expand communications coverage for forces operating in geographically isolated areas.